Kikuletwa (Chemka) Hot Springs

8 Hours


    Relax and Refresh Chemka Hot Springs Day Trip

    A short but bumpy drive from Moshi are the clear, turquoise waters of the Chemka Hot Springs, an oasis of geothermal warmth that bubbles up from underground. Surrounded by lush forest alive with birdsong and the call of monkeys, the Chemka Hot Springs is an ideal place to ease those tired legs after a strenuous ascent up Kilimanjaro.

    They’re a little bit of heaven that’s perfect for a daytrip, and those warm blue waters invite you to linger, swim or explore. Return refreshed, revitalised and relaxed.

    And if you really don’t want to leave just yet, we can organise and afternoon barbie or even an overnight stay.

    ⚫ Region: Kilimanjaro
    Kikuletwa (Chemka) Hotsprings Tour - Day Trips in Tanzania - Altezza Travel: Foto 159
    Duration: 5-6 hours
    Kikuletwa (Chemka) Hotsprings Tour - Day Trips in Tanzania - Altezza Travel: Foto 160
    Distance: 70 km
    Kikuletwa (Chemka) Hotsprings Tour - Day Trips in Tanzania - Altezza Travel: Foto 161
    What to bring: Swimming suit

      Highlights Kikuletwa (Chemka) Hot Springs

      • Experience the strong natural currents when close to the water vents
      • Practice your water entry techniques using the rope swing
      • Take the pretty "Sugar Road" back to Moshi, passing Baobab trees and one of the largest sugar cane estates in Tanzania.​


      Maji Moto, known locally as Kikuletwa Hotsprings, is paradisiac oasis amidst the Tanzanian savannah, offers captivating, Bounty-styled views, crystal-clean water and dense vegetation around. Located in 2-hour drive from Moshi (Tanzania) – the main climbing hub of the region – Chemka Hot Springs is the best place to visit after a Kilimanjaro hike or a safari adventure.

      Chemka oasis is a unique phenomenon – it is the only place in Tanzania (and most likely in the whole East Africa), where the groundwater actively interacted with geothermal sources, forming a number of small lakes with warm, never-stagnating water, which purity is not inferior to the best Dominican or Maldivian resorts.

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      Kikuletwa (Chemka) Hot Springs
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