3 Days 2 Nights Mikumi National Park Safari

3 Days

3 Days 2 Nights Mikumi National Park Safari is a perfect gateway Safari from Dar es Salam, for travelers who have limited days and budget in Tanzania. Experience the safari adventure thrill. Mikumi is accessible throughout the year.

    3 Days 2 Nights Mikumi National Park Safari

    3 days 2 night Mikumi national park safari entails   pick up from  your hotel  or residence in Dar- es-salaam in the morning, transfer  the park, unlike the 2 days, 3 days days give a little bit more time to explore the park including area such as the Mkata, Chomgore(place of python), Mkata flood plains alongside the mikumi park.

    The landscape of Mikumi provides a serene wildlife experience Commonly seen animals are Elephant, Giraffe, Zebra, Antelope, Wildebeest, Eland, Crocodile, Hippo, Baboon. If you are lucky, won’t miss to see Lion & very lucky to see a Leopard. Over 300 spices of birds are seen are saddle bill stork, hammer kop, malachite kingfisher, lilac breasted roller, yellow throated long claw, battler eagle among others

    Main attraction in Mikumi: game drive and visit to the Hippo Pool, where you can watch hippos wallowing and snorting at close range

      Tour Highlights

      • Day 1:Dar es Salaam – Mikumi National Park
      • Day2:Mikumi National Park
      • Day 3: Mikumi National Park – Dar es Salaam


      In the morning, pick up from hotel or airport in Dar es Salaam and travel 283km to Mikumi National Park where you will arrive in time for lunch. After lunch, you go for afternoon game drives in the park and see abundant wildlife such as Elephant, Lion, Wild dog, Zebras, Hyena, Buffalo, Wildebeest, Eland, Hartebeest, Crocodile, Lizard and other residents.

      Accommodation: Bastian Camp

      Breakfast followed by morning and afternoon game drives in Mikumi National Park for further exploration. This hosts over 300 species of birds and the fauna includes many species characteristic of the African savannah. According to local guides at Mikumi, chances of seeing a lion who climbs a tree trunk is larger than in Manyara (famous for being one of the few places where the lions exhibit this behavior).

      Accommodation: Bastian Camp

      Get up in the morning have breakfast and head for an early morning game drive, be on alert to conclude your safari with view of the wildlife possible catching a view of other wildlife you didn’t see the previous day. Head back to the lodge check out and transfer back to Dar-es-salaam, arriving in the evening.

      What is the best time to visit Mikumi National Park?

      June to October
      June to October is the best time to visit Mikumi National Park Tanzania, which is the dry season of travel as well.

        Can you do a two day safari in Tanzania?

        For those short on time, this safari is the perfect way to see the best of Tanzania’s wildlife in just 2 days. The Ngorongoro Crater is a “must see” destination, home to over 25,000 animals and your best chance of seeing the “Big Five”.

          What is so special at Mikumi National Park?

          Because of its accessibility Mikumi is one of the most popular National Park in Tanzania . The park is also decorated by its superbly scenic plains and baobabs and it is home to various wild animals and birds species.

            Which is better Mikumi or Selous?

            5 days is quite a lot for one place- probably too much for Mikumi. I’d definitely go to Selous for that length of time. Selous is much bigger and has a good range of activities- boat trips, walking and game drives, so more to keep you busy for 5 days.

              Which animals are in Mikumi?

              Wildlife in this quiet national park includes elephant, giraffe, buffalo, Burchell’s zebra, sable, eland, Liechtenstein’s hartebeest, lion, leopard, spotted hyena, and jackal. You can also find yellow baboons near Kiboga, at the southern end of the park.

                Why is it called Mikumi?

                Mikumi was gazetted as a National Park in 1964 and is named after the spindle shaped Borassus palm trees

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