6 Days Safari Rubondo Island National Park

6 Days
Rubondo Island National Park is a true hidden gem of Tanzania and is home to a diverse range of wildlife.

    Welcome to the magical Rubondo Island National Park!

    This tour takes you from Mwanza to spend 4 wonderful days in Rubondo Island on this 5 days trip. Enjoy the beauty of the island while a friendly local guide shares with you entertaining stories of Lake Victoria’s checkered history, its legendary characters as you explore the park on foot and by a fiber boat.

    Rubondo Island National Park is a true hidden gem of Tanzania and is home to a diverse range of wildlife.
    This includes several species of primates, crocodiles, hippos, and over 200 bird species. This makes it a true paradise for nature enthusiasts and birdwatchers.
    Despite being lesser known, Rubondo is a hidden treasure, offering a unique experience for those seeking adventure, wildlife, and culture!

    Over a four-year period (1966–1969) Professor Bernhard Grzimek of the Frankfurt Zoological Society released 17 chimpanzees in four cohorts onto Rubondo Island. The chimpanzees were all wild-born and purportedly of West African descent, although there are no records of specific country of origin for the majority of released individuals. The founder chimpanzees had spent varying periods, from 3.5 months to 9 years, in captivity in European zoos or circuses before their release.

    The chimpanzees after one year were able to find and eat wild foods and construct nests for sleeping, and have now reverted to an unhabituated state characteristic of wild chimpanzees. From 16 founders the population has now grown to around 40 individuals that can be observed on walking safari.

    The best time to visit is during the cooler, dry season from June to October. As a tropical island, it may rain on Rubondo on any given day. Note that Rubondo Island Camp is closed throughout the long rains in April and May.


      6 Days Safari Rubondo Island National Park

      Upon arrival at Mwanza Airport you will be met by our driver and transferred to your accommodation in Mwanza.

      You will meet your guide for a briefing to make sure that you are perfectly prepared for your safari.

      Upon arrival to the hotel you will check into your rooms to enjoy your evening at leisure.

      Rubondo Island camp creates an atmosphere of serene tranquility. Set on an island in the middle of the world’s second largest freshwater lake, its manicured velvet lawns stretch to the water’s edge and its exotic trees are a haven for birds— 369 species of them including African Fish Eagle! With renowned hospitality, delightful hosts and indulgent accommo- dations, Rubondo is divine. Romance resides in breathtaking sunsets over the lake, moonlit dinners on the jetty and can- dlelit champagne along the shore of Lake Victoria. Get settled in your waterfront chalet, beds beautifully draped in sheer white netting, offer splendid views from verandas facing the sweep of the lawn to the lake beyond.

      > Overnight stay at Rubondo Island Camp

      A boat trip to Bird Island reveals thousands of roosting water birds, giant monitor lizards, spotted-necked otters on the rocks, you can easily spot Rubondo’s giant crocodiles, monitor lizards, and hippos.. Take a guided walk to the lakeside village of Kasenda, and get to know the friendly people of Kasenda village and their way of life.

      Back at the camp, keep your eyes watching for sitatunga, otters, bushbuck, vervet monkeys. Rare sightings are black and white colobus monkey, genet, marsh mongoose, and elephants.

      Our friendly guide is always happy to share stories with you about the behind the scene perspectives of this beautiful island and much much more!

      > Overnight stay at Rubondo Island Camp

      Begin the day with an early morning bird watching excursion around the campsite and the nearby Rubondo Forest. Some of the bird species you may encounter include the African fish eagle, African grey parrot, palm-nut vulture, crowned eagle, and pied kingfisher.

      After breakfast, take a guided walk through the Rubondo Forest. The forest is home to several bird species, including the Ross’s turaco, white-tailed crested flycatcher, and spotted greenbul.

      > Overnight stay at Rubondo Island Camp

      Today is your last day at Rubondo Island National Park. As a last highlight of your stay we will go on a boat safari to see the smaller surrounding islands and to observe the animals from another perspective. Along the shores of Lake Victoria you will see a colorful variety of birdlife but also bigger animals can be spotted.

      This is a full day boat trip that will end around 4pm. You will be back at your accommodation around 5pm to relax and to enjoy the sunset.

      > Overnight stay at Rubondo Island Camp

      The day is left free to wind down after your safari and before your flight back home. Depending on flight times you could explore Mwanza town, have a good cup of coffee or buy some souvenirs before heading to the airport.

      *Safari, Zanzibar and other add-ons are available if you wish to continue exploring Tanzania

      Meals: Breakfast Included

      What is the history of Rubondo Island National Park?

      Rubondo Island National Park was established in 1977, primarily to protect the island’s unique wildlife and habitat.

      The park was also established to promote tourism and support the local communities through employment and conservation efforts.

        Can visitors go on a chimpanzee trekking in Rubondo Island National Park?

        Visitors can go on a chimpanzee trek in Rubondo Island National Park. The park is home to a significant population of chimpanzees, and visitors can join a guided tour to see these fascinating primates in their natural habitat.

          Are there any cultural experiences available in Rubondo Island National Park?

          Yes, visitors can experience the local culture of the surrounding communities by participating in guided cultural tours. These tours offer a unique insight into the local people’s traditional ways of life, customs, and traditions.

            Is it safe to go swimming in Lake Victoria at Rubondo Island National Park?

            Swimming is generally safe at Rubondo Island National Park.

            However, visitors should take precautions to avoid bilharzia, a parasitic infection that can be contracted in fresh water. It is recommended to wear protective clothing and to avoid swimming in stagnant water.

              Are there any hiking trails in Rubondo Island National Park?

              Several hiking trails in the park allow visitors to explore the island’s forested interior. The trails vary in difficulty and length, and some offer views of Lake Victoria

                Can visitors go fishing in Rubondo Island National Park?

                Yes, visitors can go fishing in Rubondo Island National Park.

                The park is home to various fish species, including the Nile perch and tilapia. Fishing is allowed in designated park areas, but visitors must obtain a permit from the park authorities.

                  Can visitors bring their food and drinks to Rubondo?

                  Yes, visitors can bring their food and beverages into the park. However, visitors must dispose of their waste properly, as the park is committed to maintaining a clean and sustainable environment.

                    Are there any restrictions on photography in Rubondo Island National Park?

                    There are no specific restrictions on photography in Rubondo Island National Park.

                    However, visitors should respect the wildlife and avoid causing any disturbance. It is also recommended to ask for permission before taking photos of the local people or their homes.

                      Are there any entrance fees to enter Rubondo Island National Park?

                      Yes, there are entrance fees to enter Rubondo Island National Park. The fees vary depending on the visitor’s nationality and residency status.

                      Visitors can check the park’s official website or contact the authorities. However, the fees are usually included with a local tour operator in your tour package.

                        Can you visit Rubondo Island National Park on a day trip?

                        While it is possible to visit Rubondo Island National Park as a day trip, spending at least one night on the island is recommended to fully experience the park’s unique environment and wildlife. The park has limited accommodation options, so visitors should book their stay in advance.

                          • This tour starts and ends in  Mwanza
                          • Fly to/from Mwanza Airport (  Check price) near Mwanza. Or fly to/from Arusha
                          • A transfer from and back to the airport is included  to Rubondo Island National Park
                          • Additional accommodation before and at the end of the tour can be arranged for an extra cost

                          Price includes

                          • Safari according to the itinerary
                          • Transportation in a 4×4 safari vehicle
                          • Professional, English-speaking guide
                          • Professional, English-speaking safari cook
                          • Overnight stays in safari tents
                          • Camping equipment (tents, sleeping mats, chairs, tables etc.)
                          • Meals according to the itinerary
                          • Mineral water
                          • All mentioned activities
                          • All national park fees

                          Price excludes

                          • Sleeping bag
                          • Flights
                          • Optional activities
                          • Alcoholic and soft drinks
                          • Visa fees
                          • Tips
                          • Personal spending money for souvenirs etc.
                          • Travel insurance

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                            6 Days Safari Rubondo Island National Park
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