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    The Lemosho route is considered the most scenic trail on Kilimanjaro, granting panoramic vistas on various sides of the mountain. As one of the newer routes, Lemosho is a superb choice for your climb. It is our preferred route due to its ideal balance of low crowds, beautiful scenery and a high summit success rate. Let’s view Tanzania specializes in guiding on the Lemosho route.

    Most of our clients climb Kilimanjaro using this route and they consistently report that they loved it. Thus, Lemosho is highly recommended.

    The route approaches Mount Kilimanjaro from the west, beginning with a long drive from Moshi to Londorossi Gate. From there, the first two days are spent trekking through the rain forest to Shira Ridge.

    The Lemosho route crosses the entire Shira Plateau from west to east in a pleasant, relatively flat hike. Crowds are low until the route joins the Machame route near Lava Tower.

    Then the route traverses underneath Kilimanjaro’s Southern Ice Field on a path known as the Southern Circuit before summiting from Barafu. Descent is made via the Mweka route.

    Let’s view Tanzania offers Lemosho as an eight day group climb or as a seven to eight day private climb.

    The seven day variation combines days five and six, going from Barranco Camp to Barafu Camp without staying at Karanga.

      Trip Highlights

      • Extra day for acclimatisation
      • High summit success rate (over 95%)
      • High guide to client ratio


      Day 1 :

      The climb includes and excludes cost

      The climb cost includes:

      • 2 nights hotel accommodation in Moshi climb
      • Pick up Drop off at Kilimanjaro Airport
      • Group transport to and from Moshi to the trail head
      • Kilimanjaro National Park permits, camping/hut fees, rescue fees and Value Added Tax (VAT) Expert guide, assistant guides, cook and porters
      • Bottled oxygen, for emergency rescue only
      • Private toilet
      • Four season, 3 person mountain tents, double occupancy Sleeping pad, foam, 1.5 inches thick
      • Mess tents, tables, chairs, lanterns Fresh, nutritious meals on the mountain Breakfast at hotel

      The climb cost excludes:

      • Airfare
      • Lunch or dinner at hotel Beverages at hotel
      • Personal gear and equipment Tips

      Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro via Lemosho route FAQs

      Do I climb the Barranco Wall on the Lemosho route?

      Yes, you climb the Barranco Wall on the Lemosho route. But don’t let this concern you – the Barranco Wall is perfectly manageable. And for many it ends up being one of their favourite parts of the entire trek!

        Is the Lemosho an easy or hard route?

        All routes leading up Kilimanjaro are hard routes, as Kilimanjaro is one tough cookie!

        That said, the Lemosho route is a fairly manageable route, and we feel confident recommending it to first-time trekkers. This is because it’s not too steep, nor does it make you ascend the mountain too quickly, which can lead to altitude sickness.

        You might like to see this detailed description of the Lemosho route itinerary.

          Should I climb the 7- or 8-day Lemosho route?

          hould I climb the 7- or 8-day Lemosho route?

          There are two possible Lemosho route itineraries: the seven-day and the eight-day itineraries. The latter provides an extra day during the ascent to give your body longer to acclimatise to the increased altitude. Both itineraries are described in our Lemosho route blog post.

          Deciding between the two itineraries is a personal choice. On the one hand, an extra day of acclimatisation is a great thing as it decreases your chances of developing altitude sickness and so increases your chances of a successful summit. On the other hand, an extra day on the mountain involves committing a little more time and money.

          Generally speaking, we find the seven-day Lemosho route tends to offer adequate acclimatisation time. That said, we always recommend the eight-day itinerary to anyone who is unsure. It’s just the safer option.

          Please feel free to chat with us about this so we can offer you some personalised advice.

            What is the distance of the Lemosho route?

            The total distance of the Lemosho route is 70 km (43 miles). It’s one of the middling routes, being neither long nor short in comparison to the others.

              Where do I go to the toilet?

              On the Lemosho route, you go to the toilet in the toilet tent provided by your tour operator when at camp. During the day’s trek, you go to the toilet behind a rock or bush. But note that you can’t leave any loo paper behind, as Kilimanjaro National Park has a ‘leave no trace’ policy. So you’ll need to carry little disposable bags with you for carrying your used toilet paper till you reach camp.

              It’s worth noting that you need to pee all the time on Kilimanjaro, as discussed in 6 things I wish I knew before climbing Kilimanjaro. Also, climbing at altitude can bring on your period early. Ladies, you might find it useful to read Advice for women climbing Mt Kilimanjaro.

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                7 Days Lemosho Route – Climb kilimanjaro
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