A Day Trip to Lake Jipe

10 Hours


    Located on the Kenyan border about 2 hours driving from Moshi, Lake Jipe is only visited by a handful of tourists. It’s a trip that is never the same twice in a row, as the wind determines how much reeds are present at the shores of the lake and how easy or difficult it is to get through. The lake is home to an abundance of hippos and crocodiles and if you visit during the right time of the year, mainly June – August, you’ll be able to spot them on the Tanzanian side of the lake!


    Activity Highlights

    • This is the unique experiences where you can do local fishing activities, meet local people and experiences water falls in the middle of wildlife.
    • This is real adventures trip, You will almost certainly get dirty in your shoes and clothes will get wet as sometimes water comes into the boats and the fishermen scoop it out as they go.
    • In the village, there’s toilet available for tourists and we will supply toilet papers and sanitizers.
    • We recommend you to wear clothes that are allowed to get dirty. Loose trousers are not a good idea as they will hang in the water that might come into the boat whilst you sit on the very low bench.
    • Please wear either running shoes or waterproof shoes that can handle.
    • Sunscreen, sunglasses and sun hat are recommended, as the sun is very strong and water reflects the sunlight.


    NOTE: This tour can be offered with an overnight experiences where by you can camp in the village and spend more day to explore the village including hiking the local mountains.


      Your guide will pick you up at your accommodation in Moshi early in the morning to drive to lake Jipe. We recommend starting around 6.30 AM because the sun can really burn on the lake, so the earlier you go, the better. You’ll make a small detour to the Jipe Village Office, which is not located near the lake itself, and will arrive at lake Jipe after around 2,5 hours.

      The Usambara mountains will be the background for most of the ride, offering some lovely views. After arriving at the lake, you can have a stroll through the village while the fishermen prepare their boats.

      Depending on the amount of reeds that are present on the shore of the lake, this trip will be slightly different. If there’s little to no reeds and you can cross easily, you’ll start the day by spending a few hours on the lake, after which there will still be some time left for a hike to a nearby waterfall.

      If however there’s more reeds and it becomes difficult to get through, there will be no time left to go to the waterfall. In this case, the budget for the visit to the waterfall will also have to be spend on extra fishermen that will have to create a path through the reeds. Unfortunately, the amount of reeds can change very quickly and are pretty unpredictable, so we can’t predict this.

      Usually hippos and crocodiles can be seen on the Tanzanian side of the lake from June to August. You are not allowed to go to the Kenyan side of the lake without the appropriate visa, so we prohibit our guides and the fishermen to do so.

      You’ll leave the area again around 3 – 4 pm to return to Moshi.

      Where is Lake Jipe?

      Lake Jipe is a small, shallow lake (area 28 sq. km and average depth less than 3 m), lying astride the Kenya-Tanzania border, just to the east of the northern Pare Mountains of Tanzania (Mwanga district, in the Kilimanjaro region)

        In which county is Lake Jipe found?

        Featured in

        Florensia Chaisiku, a fish cleaner at Mkwajuni beach along Lake Jipe in Taita Taveta County, is a worried woman.

          Is Lake Jipe a freshwater lake?

          Study site Lake Jipe is a shallow, transboundary freshwater lake situated at the eastern base of the North Pare Mountains on the border between Kenya and Tanzania. It has a maximum surface area of approximately 30 km2, a depth not exceeding 3 m and is fed primarily by the rivers Lumi and Ruvu that originate on Mt

            How deep is Lake Jipe?

            About Lake Jipe

            Lake Jipe is about 19 Km long and around 4.8-6.4 Km wide and occupies a surface area of approximately 30 sq. Km with an average depth of fewer than 3 meters 14 sq.

              What animals are in Lake Jipe?

              As for wildlife, Lake Jipe not only offers an abundance of hippo and crocodile but there is also a small herd of the rare Grevy’s zebra, translocated from northern Kenya in 1977. To the northern end of the lake are also a few tiny villages whose inhabitants make a living from fishing.

                Is Lake Chala in Kenya or Tanzania?

                Lake Chala, also known as Lake Challa, is a crater lake that straddles the border between Kenya and Tanzania.

                  Can you swim in Lake Chala?

                  Lake Chala is great for exploring nature. Depending on the time of year the waters may be blue or green or turquoise but always clear and inviting. Swimming in this stunning caldera lake is highly recommended.

                    What is the story of Lake Chala?

                    It was believed to be the caldera of the first volcanic eruption some 250.000 years ago. Recent geological research assumes that a magma chamber under Lake Chala collapsed after an eruption of nearby volcanoes and that the collapse created the space for the crater lake. But also an one-time-outbreak seems possible.

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