Arusha Coffee Farms Excursion

10 Hours


    An excursion to Coffee plantation or farms can be done in Arusha at slopes of Mt Meru or at villages in the slope of Mount Kilimanjaro.

    The tourist will visit the characteristic small coffee farms that belong to the farmers who are members of Village. During the program they will become familiar with the whole process of coffee production. The visitor will also enjoy a local prepared lunch and of course a cup of local coffee will be brewed. The farmer themselves will be guiding the visitors.

    The main activities during the coffee tour are:

    • An excursion to a nearby coffee farm;
    • Coffee berry picking and pulping;
    • Explanation about organic coffee farming and Fair-trade standards;
    • Processing of the coffee from beans to Cup;
    • Coffee drinking at the farm.

    Visit Arusha Coffee Plantation includes:

    • Accommodation in a hotel
    • Expert guide,
    • Meals,
    • Transport, and more


      The tour usually involves a stroll in Arusha’s coffee lodges, followed by the tasting of different brewed coffee varieties. You actually get to see the entire process from scratch! From the extraction of the coffee beans to the addition of milk or any other additive you like to the final cup, you get to see the whole process right in front of you! In fact, you can even pick the coffee beans by yourself!

      For those with an insatiable thirst for coffee, Arusha’s Coffee Plantation Tour is a visit to paradise. Nothing beats the scent of freshly roasted coffee beans!

      Your tour guides will also inform you about how old the farms really are! Some of them are even a hundred years old! See for yourself the difference between the new farms and the old farms

      Start and end in Arusha! With the In-depth Cultural tour Visit Arusha Coffee Plantation, and you have a 1-day tour package taking you through Arusha, Tanzania.

      Arabica and Robusta coffee are Tanzania’s largest export, so of course, they have refined the art of coffee making to near perfection. Grown in Tanzania’s rich volcanic soil, coffee is the primary source of income for many Tanzanians and a tour around one of the many outstanding plantations is well worth the trip. Learn more about the process, taste different brews, and see for yourself what all the hype is about.

      Do they grow coffee in Tanzania?

      Coffee is grown on smaller farms and is the largest export crop in the country. Coffee contributes $115 million in domestic income. Both Robusta and Arabica are grown in Tanzania

        How big is Arusha?

        37,576 km²
        Arusha Region / Area

          What are the challenges of coffee farming?

          Coffee farmers face several challenges, including climate change, pests and diseases, inadequate infrastructure, low prices, and high labour costs. However, coffee farmers are a strong group of people who are dedicated to producing high-quality coffee

            What challenges are facing the global coffee industry?

            • Rain stops play. The harvesting and processing of coffee beans is a precarious business, and there are numerous obstacles to overcome before the beans have even left their countries of origin. …
            • Pests and diseases. …
            • Market forces. …
            • Investment and infrastructure.

              Why is coffee tourism important?

              But in general, coffee tourism does more good than harm to tourist destinations, especially in the introduction of diversified economy and culture, promoting the local commodity market economy, improving the employment rate of residents, creating a good image of the destination, promoting the development of the loca

                How long does a coffee plant last?

                In general coffee plants live between 30-40 years, though some can live over 80! These plants, technically considered a shrub, are pruned about once a year to keep them from growing too tall; most farmers and harvesters prefer them to stay around 5-7 feet so they’re easier to maintain and harvest year over year.

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