Gombe National Park Day trip

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Gombe day trip departs from Kigoma town each day at 06:00 am by boat which takes about one hour and half to Gombe Stream National Park. This chimpanzee day tour which is sometimes known as weekend break is ideal for travelers with limited time who want to experience the chimpanzee trekking.

Gombe Stream National Park is one of the Tanzania smallest pristine parks located in the Eastern Shore of Lake Tanganyika. This park is like a strip of land with an area of 35 km2 covered by green tropical rain forest lies on Great Rift Valley Escarpment which offers a safe home to wild chimpanzees.

The main highlight of Gombe day trip is chimpanzee trekking but apart from that there are other species of primates which you will see. Among the primates are baboons, red colobus monkeys, vervet monkeys, bush babies and blue monkeys. Gombe National Park boast also over 200 species of bird so it is good site for bird watching.

At 06:00 am we pick you from the hotel in Kigoma for your Gombe day trip. Transfer to Kibirizi port where you will take boat to Gombe stream National Park the journey of about one hour and half. As we arrive at Gombe you will register at the park headquarters and assign a guide to who will take into the forest for chimpanzee trekking.

Walking in the forest searching for the chimpanzee is very fascinating. From a distance you will hear the sounds made by chimpanzees communicating to each other. Our Gombe day trip guide will help us tracking the chimpanzee to their hiding and feeding areas. As we continue with the tracking of chimps we shall walk up to hill to Kakombe waterfalls. At this point we shall enjoy the stunning view of the park and Lake Tanganyika which border with the park. We will also take our picnic lunch while also continuing to enjoy this amazing view and scenery of Gombe Stream National Park.

After lunch break we shall continue our with the trek down the hill searching for different families of chimpanzees and other primates. Our guides will also help us to spots different bird and explain to us about different types fruits eaten by chimps.

In the afternoon at 16:00 hour we shall depart Gombe by boat to Kigoma town and then transfer to the hotel in Kigoma town

16.30 You will start your way back to the park entrance where you can enjoy lunch and relax at the beach.

17:30 Start your boat trip back to Kigoma. Our guide will assist you during all the trip and will take you to your hotel.

20:00 Arrival at your accommodation in Kigoma & end of safari services.

End of the Gombe Day Trip

Why is Gombe National Park famous?

The park major attraction is obviously the Chimpanzees that live protected within its boundaries. The scenery of Gombe is stunning with most of the 16 major valleys containing swift steams, which flow all year. In this park you can meet the stars of the world famous chimpanzee community.

What can you do at Gombe National Park?

Gombe Stream National Park Trails

The primary activity in the national park is guided hikes into the remote jungle to observe and experience the chimpanzees, other primates, and any other possible wildlife sightings. Other than that, there are no trails for travelers to experience on their own.

What is Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania best known for?

Gombe Stream National Park, At a Glance

Famously, this is the site where Jane Goodall completed most of her pioneering chimpanzee research. The resident primatologist spent many years in Gombe observing the behaviour of Chimpanzees, an endangered species.

What animals live in Gombe National Park?

Most common animals in Gombe Stream National Park
  • chimpanzees.
  • beachcomber.
  • olive baboon.
  • anubis baboon.
  • red colobus.
  • red-tailed monkey.
  • blue monkey.
  • vervet monkey.


How big is Gombe National Park?

35 km²
Gombe National Park / Area
Gombe National Park, a 35-square kilometer park in Kigoma Region in northwestern Tanzania, is most popularly known as the place where Jane Goodall conducted her pioneering research on chimpanzees beginning in the 1960s (see map)

What animals are endangered in Gombe National Park?

Wildlife, the national park is famously known for its endangered chimpanzees and other primates like red tailed monkeys, red colobus monkeys, blue monkeys, olive baboons, vervet monkeys, animals like bush pigs, small antelopes, leopards and hippos which are rarely seen.

 Gombe Day Trip Includes

  • Return Boat Transfers Kigoma – Gombe
  • Transfer from Hotel to the Port
  • Park entrance fees
  • Fees for Trekking guide
  • Picnic lunch boxes
  • Pure drinking water 1 liter per person

Gombe Day Trip Excludes

  • Accommodation in Kigoma
  • Drinks and beverages
  • Services of the flying doctor
  • Tip for the guide

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