Mt. Meru Waterfall Hike

1 Day
    • Arusha
    • Professional, English-speaking guide
    • Drinking water, tea & coffee
    • Pop-up roof 4x4 vehicle
    • NOTE: An ascent during the great rainy season (April / May) is not recommended.
    • 2 - 15


    Mount Meru is home to many incredible waterfalls, which pour down from the volcanic slopes. After a night of heavy rain, I made a day trip to explore one of the largest waterfalls at the base of Mount Meru, aptly named Mount Meru Waterfall.

    This adventure involves a steep motorbike drive up a rocky road followed by a jungle stairway that leads you down into a gorge. Once inside, you wade through the river, clambering over rocks until you meet the intense falls that spray with incredible force at its base. A remarkable sight and only a few kilometers from the town, the Mount Meru waterfall is one of the top things to do in Arusha.

    Where is the Mount Meru Waterfall

    I’ll be honest, I’m still confused as to all of the names of these waterfalls near Mount Meru. Normally I try and give highly accurate information and google map pins to help you explore but there are just too many different waterfalls labeled as Mount Meru Waterfall. Even my local guide told me it was called Mount Meru Waterfall.

    Mount Meru Hike Details

    • Hike Distance: The total distance of the hike is roughly 4-5km out and back (return trip)
    • Hike Duration: Heading from the ticket office down to the waterfall and directly back should take about 1.5-2 hours.
    • Hike Difficulty: This trail is moderately difficult due to slippery conditions and wading through the river. Most people with average fitness and a sense of adventure will be okay as it is nothing technical. Be prepared to get wet.
    • Hike Incline: 200 meters.

    You can choose one of two options:

    • Short hike for 1-2 hours
    • Long hike for 3-4 hours.


      A trip is an amazing one day trekking adventure to the foothills of Mount Meru. Mount Meru is located inside Arusha National Park in Tanzania.

      Our one Day Mt Meru forest trek/ hike is designed for guests who have limited time and who are not interested in reaching the summit of the second highest mountain in Tanzania.

      Your will soaking in the local culture by brushing shoulders with the many local people living up the side of the mountain, while viewing amazing greenery and animals of all kinds.

      Our One Day Mt Meru Forest Hike starts from the Tengeru Cultural Centre 12 km's from Arusha town, along the Arusha – Moshi road.

      Tengeru Cultural Centre is located on the on the slopes of Mount Meru. Walk through the forest of the second largest Mountain in Tanzania. Mount Meru has more than 10 different day trekking routes around the lower forest which last from 3 to 9 hours each.

      Why You Should Visit the Mount Meru Waterfall?

      There are numerous stunning sights on Mount Meru, which flow from its steep volcanic cliffs. Having spent the night in severe rain, I decided to take a day excursion to Mount Meru Waterfall, one of the greatest waterfalls at the base of Mount Meru.

      In this adventure, motorbikes ride along a steep road and then descend into a gorge down a forest ladder. Once you’ve gotten inside, you can wade down the river and climb over stones until you reach the roaring Mount Meru Waterfall at the bottom of the gorge.

      Arusha’s Mount Meru waterfall, a spectacular sight only a few kilometers from town, is one of the city’s most popular attractions.

        What about Hiking to the Mount Meru Waterfall?

        The total distance walked to the Mount Meru Waterfall is approximately 4-5 kilometers (including the return trip)

        1.5-2 hours is the maximum walk time from the ticket office to the waterfall and back.

        Due to the slippery terrain and river crossings, most physically active and adventurous people will be OK. Get ready to get soaked.

        There is a 200-meter grade hike inclination.

          Mount Meru Waterfall’s Exact Location

          I have no idea what the waterfalls around Mount Meru are called. There are too many Mount Meru Waterfalls for me to provide accurate information and Google Maps pins for you to use in your travels. These waterfalls were all labeled Mount Meru Waterfall, familiar with the area even with my guide.

          According to Google, at least four more falls have the same name; the Mount Meru Waterfall including one that I crossed on my Mount Meru volcanic tour. The Mount Meru Waterfall, which reminded me a lot of Bali’s Sekumpul Falls due to its huge force slamming at the foot, is worth a visit, and I’ll supply directions to it.

            Permits and Guides for Mount Meru Waterfall

            Meru Conservation Area has a ticketing office where visitors pay the $12USD per person fee and are met by a group of cheerful men eager to serve as their tour guide.

            However, despite my doubts, I have to admit that a guide is quite helpful on the Mount Meru Waterfall walk. There are no signposts at starting points and trails, and the path is not marked on maps or any other mapping site.

            Additionally, they show how to navigate some of the trail’s rocks, stones, and steep sections using local angles and techniques. A $15 guide fee is too expensive for a one-hour tour if I remember correctly.

            However, even if they succeed in persuading you to take two, there is no good reason for them to do so. Only one guide should be requested, and the guide should cost no more than $15.

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                Recommended Best Places to Stay in Arusha Near Mount Meru Waterfall?

                The 5-star Gran Melia Arusha has a spectacular view of Mount Meru and is the ultimate in luxury.

                Wakawaka Hostel – cheap, convenient, and had a laid-back vibe — was where I stayed while on a tight budget.

                Tulia Boutique Hotel & Spa, which contains a swimming pool and high-quality facilities and rooms, is the best value hotel in the area.

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                  • Pop-up roof 4x4 vehicle
                  • NOTE: An ascent during the great rainy season (April / May) is not recommended.
                  • 2 - 15

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