Treetop Walkway in Lake Manyara National Park

1 Hour



    Manyara Treetop Walkway takes you on a sky-high adventure through the beautiful forest of Lake Manyara. Walk among the treetops and experience untouched nature and wildlife from a unique perspective.

    Treetop Walkway

    This 470m airwalk starts with a short board-walk that gradually rises from ground level up through the canopy of the forest. You walk over a series of suspension bridges with thick netting on the sides, and reach a height of 18m off the ground. Each of the bridges end on a viewing deck situated around tree trunks. These treetop platforms are perfect places to stop and enjoy life in the canopy amongst butterflies, monkeys and birds. There are 10 bridges and 9 platforms.

    Birds-eye view of the forest

    During this walk guides will point out interesting facts about the Lake Manyara flora and fauna, while you can enjoy a unique birds-eye view of the world around you. This is Tanzania’s first Treetop Walkway and one of the longest in Africa. A great outdoor activity for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Families,couples, individuals and groups are all welcome.


      Add something a little bit different to your safari in Lake Manyara National Park by taking in a visit to the treetop walkway. This picturesque little park is quite small, and a safari typically takes only a day, or even less – so the walkway can add a whole new dimension to your trip.

      The walkway is set high among the trees in the north of the park, close to the entrance gates, and is the first suspended walkway in Tanzania, as well as – at 370m in total – one of the longest in Africa.

      Being so high up in the trees offers a unique perspective from which to observe the wildlife: it’s not often that you’re at eye level with the birds and monkeys. With Lake Manyara known for its great variety of birdlife, along with blue and vervet monkeys, and huge troops of baboons, there’s plenty to look out for with the help of your guide.

      Elephant and buffalo are known to wander through the forest area where the walkway is situated, so you may be lucky enough to catch sight of them from above. From your quiet vantage point above the forest floor, you may even spy some of the more shy species too, such as dik dik and other flighty antelope.

      You will be accompanied by your guide however, understandably, this is not an activity for the fainthearted, or those nervous of heights: some of the sturdy suspension bridges are up to 18m above the ground, and there is some bounce and sway as you make your way across. At each tree, though, you are met with big wraparound viewing platforms, punctuating the walkway network and providing frequent stops to pause and absorb your surroundings.

      Even if the wildlife eludes you, for those with an adventurous nature, experiencing the atmosphere of being high up in the forest canopy could be a really unusual addition to your trip.

      The walk can be done at any time during park opening hours (6.00am to 6.00pm), but as it is near to the entrance gates, it is most logical to do it on your way in or out of the park.

      What is special in Lake Manyara?

      Discover iconic Lake Manyara National Park

      Apart from a spectacular setting, the park is famous for its unusual tree-climbing lions and the vast elephant herds it was established to protect. The shores of the lake, encrusted with pink flamingo, attract more than 400 species of birds, many of them waterfowl or migrants.

        Is Lake Manyara worth seeing?

        Lake Manyara National park is famous for tree climbing lions seen up on the acacia and sausage trees in the park. Lake Manyara National Park is also famous for the large flocks of pink flamingos which fill the alkaline lake. Is Lake Manyara worth visiting? Yes, Lake Manyara National Park is worth visiting.

          When can you see flamingos in Lake Manyara?

          Summer in Tanzania, November-April, is the best time to see migratory birds, including thousands of pink flamingos and pelicans. Migrants start to arrive in November during the wet season and stay around until April. Generally, flamingos can be found at the shallow edges of the lake.

            Are there tree climbing lions in Lake Manyara National Park?

            Tree-climbing lions’ motivations

            For instance, in Lake Manyara National Park, tree climbing lions can be seen perched on the limbs of enormous fig trees, keeping watch over a herd of calmly grazing antelopes, gazelles, and impalas. These herbivores are the lions’ primary prey because they adore trees.

              Are there rhinos in Lake Manyara?

              Lake Manyara has diverse habitats that shelter various mammals. This underrated park actually has some of the highest densities of large mammals in the world! This includes the Big Five, save for rhinos. Elephants are synonymous with the park, and there are plenty of large herds to spot

                Is Lake Manyara fresh or salty?

                The 220 ha Lake Manyara is in the only one in the southern most of a chain of saline lakes of the Rift valley. These lakes are very diverse in their formation, water quality, animal life and appearance.

                  Are there crocodiles in Lake Manyara?

                  Lake Manyara is home to thousands of birds such as the pink flamingo. As soon as you see the flamingo, you will also see many crocodiles and hippos. Other birds present in this lake are storks and cormorants.

                    Opening hours
                    6:30am – 5:00pm

                    Park Fees in addition to activity fee
                    Park Entrance:  $59 adult / $17.70 child)
                    Park Activity Fee: $23.60
                    (TANAPA frequently make minor changes to these park fees so please check here for the latest rates)

                    Treetop Walkway Fees

                    Non-East African Citizens
                    Entrance $30 USD pp*

                    Tanzanian Residents
                    $20 USD pp*

                    East African Citizens
                    TSh 30,000 pp*

                    Kids (5 -11 years)
                    50% discount on above rates*

                    A perfect opportunity for you to experience this unforgettable airwalk, while your guide sorts out all the park fee payments.

                    For questions or more information send an email to

                    Location : Mto wa Mbu

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                      Treetop Walkway in Lake Manyara National Park
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