3 Days Usambara Mountains

3 Days

Discover the Usambara Mountains on a 3 Days Hike and overnight at Magoroto Lake at East Usambara with Let’s view Tanzania

General Information

  • Safari types: Guided Safari, Trekking Safari

  • Wildlife: Birds, Mongoose, Tree Hyrax

  • Activities: Walking Safari, Trekking, Hiking, Birding

  • Getting around: 4×4 Safari Vehicle

  • Start/end: Start in Dar es Salaam / Moshi, end in Lushoto

  • Minimum age:5


    There is a lot you can see and do on a Tanzanian multi-day hike, from exploring Magamba Rainforest to walks through Rangwi villages and meeting local people in Mtae.

    You will hike with our guides and discover the beautiful diversity of this vast area.

    On a clear day you can see the grass plains of Mkomazi as well as Kilimanjaro, enjoying the breathtaking views. During this special walk you will have the opportunity to meet the locals who are very hospitable and welcoming.



    • Dry season: December-March and June – September
    • Wet season: April-May and October-November


    Besides the historical sites, the Usambara have a lot of interesting places and activities. It is an exquisite place for

    •   Hiking
    •   Bird watching
    •    Mountain biking or relaxing


      You can arrive from Dar es salaam 8-10hrs, Moshi 8 hrs or Arusha 10 hrs
      Change from Mombo to Lushoto and from there to Mkuzi. As you arrive you will be surrounded by beautiful plantations and dense rainforest.

      Learn about the history of the former Usambara king called Mbega. You can visit the German Cave and on your way you will spot numerous black and white colobus monkeys. You can also find chameleons and hundreds of species of butterflies.

      Time: 10 hrs
      Distance: 20km

      Shortly after leaving your accommodation, you will stop at the beautiful Mkuzi Waterfalls. You can enjoy the sound of the water and watch the magical scenery of this serene paradise. After a nice stop at the waterfalls, you can continue your hike on a small path through the KJ forest.

      At some villages you might stop to try locally brewed banana beers. The path itself offers some beautiful viewpoints as you hike up and down small winding trails until you reach Lukozi Village for overnight

      Time: 8 hrs
      Distance: 20km

      Today starts with a steady hike over small trails. After 2 hours of uphill trekking through beautiful forests and plantations, the view widens up and you will have great overviews of the surrounding hills. On your way you will see lots of flowers and butterflies along the way before you reach your accommodation.

      The day is left free to wind down after the trek before your flight home. Depending on flight times you could go and explore Moshi town and grab some souvenirs before heading to the airport.

      *Safari, Zanzibar and other add-ons are available if you wish to continue exploring Tanzania.

      ● Meals: Breakfast Included

      How do I get to Usambara Mountains?

      Getting To Lushoto, Usambara MountainsSelf Drive: Lushoto is about a 6 hour drive from Arusha and 6-7 from Dar es Salaam. Driving in Tanzania, however, requires a 4 x 4, so is expensive. Bus: There are direct buses to Lushoto from Dar es Salaam and Arusha. Ask at your lodge how to get to the bus station.

        What type of mountain is the Usambara Mountains?

        The Usambara mountains comprise the easternmost ranges of the Eastern Arc Mountains. They are 90 km long and about half that wide. Faulting and uplifting formed them nearly two million years ago, and they are composed of Precambrian metamorphic rocks.

          How high are the Usambara Mountains?


          You reach the West Usambara mountains – which are most accessible – from Lushoto and the East Usambara mountains from Amani. The Mountains’ highest peaks reach to 2440 meters and lie near the Lushoto.

            Is Usambara a fold mountain?

            a) Block mountainThe land between faults rises to form a mountain. Examples of block mountains in Africa are; Pare and Usambara mountains in Tanzania, Ruwenzori mountains found at the border of Uganda and DR Congo, Danakil Alps of Ethiopia, Mau Ranges and the Aberdare Ranges of Kenya.

              Where is mountain Usambara located?


              northeastern Tanzania
              The Usambara Mountains of northeastern Tanzania in tropical East Africa, comprise the easternmost ranges of the Eastern Arc Mountains. The ranges of approximately 90 kilometres (56 mi) long and about half that wide, are situated in the Lushoto District of the Tanga Region.

                Which country is Usambara?


                Through funds received from Trillion Trees, WWF has been working to restore the forests of the Usambara Mountains which are both important for water supply and for hydropower for the country of Tanzania

                  What is the climate in the East Usambara Mountains?

                  The climate on the coast can be hot and humid, however, because of the altitude (800-1400m), the East Usambaras are cooler and wetter than the surrounding lowland. T

                    Which tribe of the Usambara Mountains is Washambala?

                    The Shambaa people, also called the Sambaa, Shambala, Sambala or Sambara (Wasambaa, in Swahili), are a Bantu ethnic group. Their ancestral home is on the Usambara Mountains of Lushoto District, Korogwe District and Bumbuli District.

                      Price includes

                      • Park & Entrance fees
                      • Guiding fees
                      • Village development fees
                      • Drinking Water
                      • Accommodation
                      • Full Board (3 meal a day)
                      • Transport to/from Lushoto

                      Price excludes

                      • Snacks
                      • Soda and other drinks
                      • Flights
                      • Insurances
                      • Any personal items
                      • Tipping At Usambara Mountains (Not Per Climber):
                        • Guides: $20/Day/Guide

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                        3 Days Usambara Mountains
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