Pindiro Nature Forest Reserve

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“Home to Hippos with Albinism”

Pindiro Nature Forest Reserve (PNFR) located in Kilwa District, Lindi Region covers an area of about 12,249ha. The reserve is the largest remaining coastal forests among the nature reserves of Tanzania.  The forest serves as habitat for white hippopotamus (hippos with albinism) that are found only in the area in Tanzania.

The reserve has other numerous tourist attractions that including crocodiles, grants galago (Galagoides granti), the laser-pouched rat (Beamys hindei) and chequered elephant shrew (Rhynchocyon cirnei macrurus). Others are Nyange dam, network of riverine forests, Mbalahala hills, worshiping site and German ruins.

Ecotourism Activities

Tourists can have the opportunity to do the following Activities:

  • Game viewing
  • Canoeing
  • Spot fishing
  • Bird watching
  • Forest walks
  • Picnic
  • Hiking
  • Cultural activities
  • Research and educational
  • Tours and camping


The reserve is easily accessed by road from either Kilwa Masoko or Lindi Municipality via Kiranjeranje junction. The distance from Kilwa Masoko to the reserve is 143 km whereas the distance from Lindi is 100km.

Other Tourist Attractions near Pindiro Nature Forest Reserve

Other tourist attractions found near Pindiro Nature Forest Reserve are Rondo Nature Forest Reserve (south of Pindiro), the Ruins of Kilwa Kisiwani and Songo Mnara, Mafia Marine Parks and Mikindani Historical Site.

Supporting Facilities

Accommodations are available at Kilwa Masoko and Lindi Municipality. Visitors can also camp within the reserve.


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    Pindiro Nature Forest Reserve

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